Algastra Ostrava goods

Offered goods purchased in our stores Algastra Ostrava and Algastra Czech Cieszyn. If you’re interested in more information, you can contact our sales department or a sales representative for the selected area. We look forward to seeing you and hope that you will satisfy our rich offer. If you have any initiative that could contribute to greater satisfaction with our services, please email it to us ready to guestbook , which is here for these cases.Your feedback.

We are thinking of introducing goods orders over the Internet. Therefore, we hereby would like to address the following short survey. Your sincere voice appreciate.

As they say, some beverages give you wings, but only the right mineral water makes your flight satisfactory pace. Both purchased at reasonable prices in our store.

Every month we try to prepare for our customers special catalog. Our offer is brimming with quality merchandise at very attractive prices.On this page you can view the catalog of special offers. In parallel with the electronic version, also we publish a printed version of the catalog. For those wishing připarven we have a  special catalog for download as a pdf file.

In the event that you do not choose an action from our catalog, we recommend that you look into the prepared basket. For maximum simplification can see a clear catalog list of product groups which will help with the selection. Simply click on the image that you immediately make available to the page with the target group of goods and their prices.